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Candlelight Dining. Fort Henry

Wednesday and Saturday nights only during July and August from 5:30 p.m.  If not attending the Sunset Ceremony come into the officers dining room from 5:30 to 7:30 start.

Looking for a unique and entertaining dining experience that won't break the budget?  The Officers' Dining Rooms at Fort Henry are open from 5:30 for Candlelight Dining (Wednesday to Saturday).  Don't say please or thank you to the soldier servants who are at your call with the snap of a finger!  You will be treated like guests of the officers' mess at the time of Queen Victoria.

Casual attire is welcome.   A full bar service is available. We are proud to feature a fine selection of wines from near-by Prince Edward County. 

This dining event does need to be pre-paid.  Reservations may be made with a credit card b y calling this office at the number below.

$45 (adult inclusive of taxes, gratuity and Fort Henry facility surcharge)

$35 (child - 12 years and under inclusive of taxes, gratuity and Fort Henry facility surcharge)

Child’s meal: Chicken fingers, French fries, veggie sticks and dipping sauces with dessert.   $26 inclusive

(have your choice of starter, main course and dessert with tea or coffee)

Chef’s home-made soup of the day, salad of mixed greens with sweet vinaigrette or Caesar salad


1. Chicken Fricassee:
Roasted chicken breast served with a white wine and mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and vegetable medley.
2.  Stuffed Roast of Pork Loin:
Stuffed pork loin served with baked apple, apple-cider gravy, mashed potatoes and vegetable medley.
3.  Braised Roast Beef:
Roast beef, braised with vegetables and jus, served with mashed potatoes and two deep-fried onion rings.
4.  Maple Salmon:
A baked salmon fillet glazed with maple syrup; served with a savoury rice cake and vegetable medley.
5.   Braised Lamb Shank:
Slow-cooked lamb shank with vegetables and jus; served with mashed potatoes .
5.  Georgian Stuffed Pepper (Vegan):
Pepper stuffed with sauteed and seasoned veggies, diced beans, tomato sauce and rice; served with mashed potatoes, vegetable medley and spicy tomato picalilli.

Home Made Dessert Selections:
available daily

Tea or coffee is included.

E-mail us with your dinner reservation!

Fort Henry Hospitality
Jessup Food & Heritage, Ltd.

P.O. Box 213
Kingston, Ontario K7L 4V8
tel: 1-613-530-2550
 fax: 1-643-530-2522