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 Jessup Food & Heritage, Ltd.

Paul FortierJessup Food & Heritage Limited provides a sound administrative base for a recognized food-service company dedicated to the presentation of food programs in heritage settings. The business began by delivering banquet and casual dining programs at Prescott's historic Stockade Barracks in 1989. Beginning in 1994, the business has been proud to be the food-service provider at Fort Henry in Kingston, the Citadel of Upper Canada. Since 1997 Jessup Food & Heritage has been delivering food service programs at Upper Canada Village in the Harvest Barn, the Village Café and the historic Willard's Hotel. Upper Canada Village is Eastern Ontario's premier heritage attraction and Jessup Food & Heritage with Upper Canada Village developed a series of exciting food-service programs that catered to the needs of local clients as well as touring visitors. Since the early 1990s Jessup managed heritage food programs at Upper Canada Village and historic Fort York in Toronto.   In July, 2008, Jessup opened Renaissance Event Venue at 285 Queen Street, Kingston.   This historic building is Kingston's oldest surviving church structure and now houses the city's premier wedding venue

The culture of Jessup is built on quality client-service, hospitality and integrity of programming. Jessup is ahead of its time in partnering and working with heritage agencies to develop appropriate business-related activities that mesh with the values and historic themes of the site or museum. As well, Jessup is aware of current trends that impact on historic site visitation and has tried to be cautiously innovative to keep services in tune with changing customer needs and market trends.

One of Jessup’s strengths is the expert historical knowledge and training of Paul Fortier. Mr. Fortier’s education and past experience as a historian and curator with Parks Canada and the National Archives of Canada allows him to develop food service programs that reflect the heritage themes of Fort Henry. Mr. Fortier is aware of the strengths and appeal of offering a heritage dining experience for guests. Menu choices, staff uniforms, china and tableware selections are made with the objective of creating a convincing period setting for a meal service experience suitable for a world heritage site.  His passion for food and detail combine to create unique and memorable hospitality experiences.

Who is Jessup:

The company is named after a little-known Canadian hero.  Edward Jessup constructed the building owned and restored by Paul Fortier which housed the first restaurant; The Stockade Barracks in Prescott.  Major Edward Jessup was born in Stamford, Connecticut in December 1735. Later, as a boy, Edward moved with his family to central New York. In 1759 as a Captain in the New York Provincial Corps, Jessup raised a company of men and fought against the French i n the 1759 campaign. Edward and his brother Ebenezer soon become prominent business men in the Albany area. Edward was a close friend of Sir William Johnson and was a Justice of the Peace in the City and County of Albany. When the American Revolution broke out Edward and Ebenezer remained loyal to King George and raised a Corps of Loyalists in the central New York region. "Jessup's Corps" fought with the Burgoyne Campaign of 1777 and surrendered with the rest of General Burgoyne's force at Saratoga. The corps was restructured in 1781 and renamed the Loyal Rangers or "Jessup's" Rangers. At the end of the American Revolution in 1783 Edward Jessup and the officers and men of the Loyal Rangers received land grants on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River and in the Kingston area. Jessup, as did the other Loyalists, made significant personal sacrifices in order to build new homes and communities in a wilderness. Despite the hardships, Edward Jessup build a new home and founded the Town of Prescott on his land grant.  Jessup would see a second war with the United States. He died in February 1816 after having made a distinctive mark on a new country.